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Traditional Christmas Winter Scenes

A Victorian Christmas HERE

Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Outstanding Christmas Sites



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Going For A sleigh Ride


Old Farm Scene


Coming Home


Christmas Is Near


Christmas Bulbs

Snowy Journey


A Child's Christmas


Christmas Greetings


Christmas Colours


Christmas Eve


A Winters Night


One Afternoon In The Country


A Winters Retreat


Bring Home The Christmas Tree


Down On The Farm


The Farmyard In Winter


Snowy Hamlet




Holiday Greetings


Winter Activities


One Sunday's Evening


Lighted Tree


Gifts A Waiting


My Home Town




New England


New England Winter


Nicholas Circle


Winter Night Scene


Old Farm House




Sleigh Ride




Sleigh Bells Ringing


Sleigh Park


Snowy Farm


Snowy Stream




Christmas Cottage


Twilight Sleigh


Vieux Quebec




White Christmas


Winter Street


Winter Sunrise


Winter Sunshine


Christmas Homestead


More Pics plus video's HERE

            Traditional Christmas Scenes Wallpaper



Victorian Scenes



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et in the holiday spirit this Christmas with ALTools Christmas Desktop Wallpapers. Each Christmas desktop features a cute ESTsoft Egghead dressed up to bring you some holiday cheer. This year you can decorate your desktop with Baby Santa Claus or Rudolph the Red Nose Egghead.

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Christmas Beat

Christmas XMAS Music for the Holidays

The following Windows programs are free for you to download. Feel free to download them and install them on your computer. They can really make your computer festive for the holidays. Two of our favorites are the Christmas Screen Saver, and a Christmas Music Player (which includes and plays 40 Christmas songs).

The Christmas Animated Cursor Page

This is a collection of unique Christmas Animated Cursors to put the holiday spirit on your desktop. They work with Windows 95/98ME/NT/2000 and all video setups 256 color or higher. They provide a wide selection of replacements for all the standard Windows mouse pointers. Browser cursors are provided for those with Windows 98 with IE4 (Microsoft discontinued this in IE5). The link cursor will also appear whenever you use the "single click" setting for "folder options" in newer versions of Windows.

Billy Bear's Christmas WallPaper

BlackDog's Christmas Wallpaper

Christmas Wallpaper by Monica Van der Weer

Christmas Wallpaper II

Christmas Wallpaper of size 800x600

Debi's Christmas Scene 98 Wallpaper

Debi's HoHOHO Wallpaper

Debi's Wallpapers

Desktop Wallpapers - Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Holiday Street Wallpaper by Debi

Kate.net Christmas - Free Christmas Wallpaper

Merry Christmas Screensavers

Pastel Christmas Tree Wallpaper

The Ultimate Christmas Light - Free Desktop Wallpaper

Wallpaper - Saks Fifth Avenue at Christmas

Wallpaper and Backgrounds for Christmas - Wallpaper in 640x480 and 800x600 Sizes


Christmas Computer Desktop Themes


Christmas Desktop Backgrounds

Christmas Screensavers, Themes, Wallpaper and More

A Country Christmas

 Holiday hustle got a hold of you? Have a Country Christmas on your desktop, and escape! Theme complete with icons, holiday cursors, christmas sounds and 2 paper sizes.

A Family Christmas

 A family gathers for the holidays. This theme has an "old-timey" feel to it. The candles on the tree is a lost art -- not to mention safety hazard!

A Frontier Christmas

 The original artwork of Jackie Wonsmos Claflin gives us a glimpse into what Christmas was like on the frontier.

Free Cards n Candle Desktop Theme

 This is the matching desktop theme for our Christmas Candles
Screen Saver. Icons, animated cursors, sounds and wallpaper
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double-click the icon and follow the instructions for EZ install. 

Free Christmas Desktop Themes

Free Gifts by the Fireplace Desktop Theme

 This is the matching desktop theme for our Christmas Gifts
Screen Saver. Icons, animated cursors, sounds and wallpaper
image. Packaged in exe compressed format. After downloaded,
double-click the icon and follow the instructions for EZ install

Free Happy Holidays 2000 Desktop Theme

Free Santa's List Desktop Theme

Free Toy Window Desktop Theme

Free Winter Scenes 2000 Desktop Theme

Sounds Of Silence

nice winter scene, matching desktop theme available.

ThemeCloud9 Christmas Desktop Themes

WindowBlinds Holiday Skin Pack

 The WindowBlinds Holiday Skin Pack gives your Windows various holiday themes by transforming your Windows title bars and buttons

DeskPicture.com - The best collection of Christmas Desktop Pictures

 Here you'll find a nice selection of Christmas wallapaper and tiling images.



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